Andrey Mootfrost777

Updated 1 day ago

Updated 4 hours ago

Updated 2 weeks ago

SUS implementation of the Hypixel bridges game

Updated 2 months ago

The best bot which deletes all vagon mentions by Pavlychev Vladislav using google dialogflow!

Updated 1 week ago

Updated 12 hours ago

App for displaying your WakaTime code stats in discord status.

Updated 4 months ago

Classic pong game

Updated 12 months ago

AirShooter on Monogame. OLD PROJECT

Updated 12 months ago

Simple magiс ball app for pc.

Updated 12 months ago

Console text-quest game.

Updated 12 months ago

Horror game with launcher. ALPHA

Updated 11 months ago

Code for arduino for animel feeder.

Updated 10 months ago

Simple WinForms tetis. OLD PROJECT

Updated 10 months ago

Just small notes app.

Updated 10 months ago