App for displaying your WakaTime code stats in discord status.
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App for displaying your WakaTime code stats in discord status.


There is 2 ways to install WakaCord:

  1. Install BetterDiscord from the official website.
  2. Download plugin from the official plugins page or get the zip file from gitea.
  3. Go to Settings > plugins > open plugins folder.
  4. Extract .zip file to the opened folder.
  5. Restart Discord.

2. Install WakaCord worker and run it manually:

  1. Install python 3.6 or higher.
  2. Download WakaCord from gitea.
  3. Extract .zip file.
  4. Open WakaCord folder and install dependencies using pip install -r requirements.txt.
  5. Configure worker.
  6. Run worker using python

You can make WakaCord run when system starts by creating new Cron job or .bat file.


Both plugin and pure worker requires to be configured.


First of all, you need to create an application to let plugin modify your Discord rich presence:

  1. Go to Discord developer portal and login with your Discord account.
  2. Click New application.
  3. Enter a name for your application (e.g. WakaCord or Code stats. You can use any name you want).
  4. Copy the Application ID.

You may also add an image for your rich presence:

  1. In your application settings, go to Rich Presence > Art Assets.
  2. Click Add Image(s) and select a picture of at least 512x512 pixels.
  3. Click Save changes.

Configuring worker:

You need an existing WakaTime account and an application ID from previous step:

  1. Go to waka_worker folder from BetterDiscord plugin folder or from your own folder.
  2. Edit config.json file and replace:
    waka_username to your WakaTime username,
    client_id to your application ID,
    locale to your language (see available languages)
    File should look like this.
  3. Now save the file and restart Discord/worker.

Available languages

  • en - English
  • ru - Russian

You can create your own language files. Add it to waka_worker > locales folder and modify config.json.
Please, create new issue and attach your locale file, it will be added to the main repository.


    "waka_username": "Mootfrost",
    "client_id": "1234567890101",
    "locale": "en"


    one: 'hour'
    few: 'hours'
    many: 'hours'

    one: 'minute'
    few: 'minutes'
    many: 'minutes'

header: 'Total programmed: '