Unofficial bot for publishing skins for SUS Horror.
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Unofficial bot for publishing skins for SUS Horror.


The bot accepts .png or GIF images with a signature of the <name>|<description>|<author> format.
After the administrator accepts the skin, all bot users can see it.

Commands list

help - Shows all available commands.
list - Shows list of all skins.
skin <id> - Shows skin by id.
credits - Shows all skins authors. Comibg soon.
approve-all <Administrator password> - Approves all new skins.
refresh <Administrator password> - Refreshes all skins data.


Install python3:
Linux: install it using your favorite package manager in your favorite OS.

Install dependencies:

pip install pytelegrambotapi

Then create new bot in BotFather, configure it as you want and paste token in config file.

token = "<token>"
admin_pass = "<Administrator password>"